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bremont_atom It's no secret that we're big fans of the Bremont Boys, Nick and Giles English, and their aviation-inspired timepieces. We've knocked back pints with the brothers, raided their boutique in London and generally gotten down and dirty with them in a fashion that's hard to duplicate with larger brands (not that we haven't tried...).

Anyway, when they announce a new LE, you know that you're in for something special. Unlike most brands, which are content to change a dial or PVD a case here and there and call it a day, when Bremont does it they go absolutely mental. (A quick look back at some of their past LEs will bear out the truth of this statement.)  Well, we're pleased to say that nothing about their modus operandi has changed with their latest and greatest, the DH-88 Comet, so named for the record-breaking de Havilland aircraft which, against all odds, won the MacRobertson International Air Race in 1934, and in the process set a world record that stood until 2010.


We decided that a proper introduction to the Colonies was in order, so we gathered the faithful and took over the private room at The Smith, where Nick English talked at length about the project and the plane that inspired it. Not only was the DH-88 Comet on hand, but also a collection of some of the military LEs that their Military and Special Projects division has created for flight squadrons the world over.


Nick English, co-founder of Bremont Watches, addresses the crowd

And what of the watch? It's a stunner, plain and simple, but as with their past LEs, the beauty is more than skin deep, as the rotor includes wood used in the frame of the original aircraft.


Pictured here in stainless steel, the DH-88 is also available in a series of 82 pcs in rose gold

The DH-88 is now officially one of our favorite Bremont LEs, and we have it on good authority that one will be winging it's way into the collection of one of our members. (Congrats, V!)

What's next for our friends across the pond? What new madness can we expect from their skunk works in Henley-on-Thames? Only time will tell, but in the meantime you can bet your last pound sterling that they're having an absolutely smashing time cooking it up.


Just two wild and crazy guys; our co-founder, Adam Craniotes has yet to take Nick up on his offer to fly in Bremont's restored Broussard (maybe he's not so wild and/or crazy after all...)

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