The RedBar Crew is a group of watch collectors and enthusiasts that meets regularly in NYC. Started by Adam Craniotes and Dr. Jeffrey Jacques after a chance encounter, it quickly grew from a monthly drink and chat between the two of them to a weekly gathering of dozens of collectors. RedBar has now expanded to other cities and the #redbarcrew hashtag on Instagram is avidly followed by horology enthusiasts around the globe.

RedBar Group is the official organization for our international collective of watch collectors. Founded by Adam Craniotes and Kathleen McGivney, RedBar Group's goals include fostering the growth of existing collector communities around the globe, helping fellow enthusiasts start new meetups in their local areas, and encouraging collectors to give back to the local communities where our gatherings take place. As a company, we want to echo our passion for horology with a dedication to helping those in need in our communities.


Adam Craniotes

President and Founder

Adam Craniotes is a lifelong watch collector based in NYC. In addition to being a published writer both online and in print, as well as a former senior moderator on Timezone, he is also the founder of RedBar Group, a nationwide collective for fellow watch enthusiasts that focuses on face-to-face interaction and social gatherings.


Kathleen McGivney

Chief Executive Officer

Kathleen is a watch collector, writer, and consultant based in NYC. She is passionate about watch collecting and fostering the rapidly growing community of horology enthusiasts worldwide. She manages all aspects of operations, events, and charitable giving for RedBar Group.