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Member Spotlight: Aurelio Sisto

Member Spotlight: Aurelio Sisto

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Aurelio Sisto

Chapter: New Yawk Cit-tay, baby!

Instagram: @aureliosisto

What was your introduction to horology?

I’ve always loved anything mechanical. When I was a kid, my mom would buy me a Matchbox car (yeah, I'm going back there). I would have it all taken apart and halfway put together by the time we got home. So… diving into the watch pool was just inevitable. Besides, this has to be one of the coolest ways to express one’s personality, no?

What was your first watch?

First love was an awesome Seiko H558 “Arnie.” Wish I still had it, gave it to a buddy that was going off to the ROTC/Air Force. Thought he could use it more than me! Regardless, this is a grail I must get back. From then on, it started to escalate from one brand to another...

What fascinates you most about watches and/or horology in general?

The workmanship and effort to get so many little parts together - running with such precision while confined to really tight tolerances - across a truly wide variety of styles. Think Rolex Submariner vs. JLC Reverso vs. Breguet Tourbillon vs. Panerai Luminor GMT. You feelin’ me?

What are the kiss, kill, and marry of your collection?

Kiss – Casio G-Shock Brazilian Frogman. Those G-Shocks are like a fleeting affair that you can’t resist.

Kill – Hamilton Intra-Matic 1968. Awesome watch, but those tiny hands!

Marry – Panerai PAM 127 “1950”. A very special watch for me, with an amazing story behind it. Google search: “community Panerai watch.” This is a true family heirloom…

Name one watch that got away.

JLC EWC “Valentino Rossi” SE in rose gold/titanium. It had a special number I wanted. 

What watch do you wear most often?

It really varies. Lately, I’ve been gravitating towards Seikos. love the SE models. Such a fun watch for little scratch. Oh, and did I mention I’m on the hunt for that older Seiko “Arnie” model?


What is the first thing you notice about a watch?

I’m a fan of complications. For a guy that is a real Paneristi – a brand known for its simplistic design – I’m not the norm. I gravitate towards anything with some action going on. Chronograph’s? Yeah, baby, yeah! That’s the magic spot...

How were you introduced to RedBar Group?

Everyone has an Adam Craniotes story; Mine was educating his sorry arse about Panerai years back. Seriously, we connected through the site and, because of the community-driven nature of the site, anyone and everyone that had some connection to Panerai and Paneristi were much more open to get-togethers. About that time, Adam was hosting RedBar. The rest, as they say, is history. Those skittle bomb days were great. 


How has RedBar affected you as a collector?

It’s insane! First, to be able to hob-knob with some of the exclusive horological masters is just choice. The ability to get schooled on something every week is amazing, be it from another RedBar member, brand ambassador, or partners. Another is that I see more watches I love. Amex likes this... Wife? Not so much.

Outside of collecting how has RedBar impacted your life?

Well, I’ve been spoiled since I have been to way more than my fair share of GTG’s (Paneristi’s “P-Day” events, as well as local meet-ups, or simply some local cats looking to connect and talk watches and life). With the advent of social media, the site isn’t like it was in the past. So it’s great to have a similar circle of friends getting together continually. To have that spirit not only live on, but thrive – that’s just huge. And a wonderful testament to Adam and the whole Red Bar crew for keeping this thing continually fresh and tasty.

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