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HSNY's Traveling Education Tour Announces First Visit to Hong Kong

HSNY's Traveling Education Tour Announces First Visit to Hong Kong

For those of you who may have missed the announcement, HSNY has expanded their Traveling Education to include Hong Kong! We had the opportunity to ask the wonderful Vincent Robert, Director of Traveling Education for the Horological Society of New York, a few questions.


Why Hong Kong?

As one of the most influential international hubs for watchmaking, watch trade and watch lovers, Hong Kong was always on top of our destinations list the moment we decided to expand our  Traveling Education internationally.

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Texas, California, Philadelphia, Singapore… HSNY is taking their travel program seriously. Sharing information and a love for all things horology around the globe. Where else can we expect to see this program expand to?

The demand for horology courses is everywhere, and we listen closely to where our requests come from. Our Traveling Education setup allows us to fly anywhere in the world with all of our classroom tools. All we need is a roof and enough curious minds to set up a class. We have recently received quite a few requests from Australia and we are researching ways to make that happen in Melbourne in the near future.  London is also scheduled for this summer and we are also hoping to bring our classes to the Middle East. Stay tuned!

Who would you suggest attend?

Anyone with an interest in watches and horology would benefit from taking HSNY courses. Most of our participants are watch collectors who wish to gain a deeper understanding of mechanical timekeeping. We also see professionals of the industry, professors and surgeons, and people considering a career as watchmakers. If you have an interest in mechanical art and genuine curiosity, this class will deliver for you. Best of all, no previous experience is required.

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Even collectors can benefit from your Horology 101 – 103 classes. How can better understanding the mechanics behind watches help better develop an appreciation for horological pieces in one’s everyday life?

A mechanical timepiece has many layers to be appreciated. The timekeeping mechanics of the watch are arguably some of the most interesting components, yet they are the least accessible. Even a single hour-minute mechanical movement has a huge amount of heritage to share granted you are given the chance to explore it. The goal of Horology 101 - 103 is exactly that. By putting the participant in the shoes of the watchmaker for four hours, students get to understand the ingenuity behind the centuries-old mechanical timekeeping system while getting to face some of the watchmaker’s challenges. This also provides a better understanding of the relationship between the accuracy and portability of these timekeepers and allows students to appreciate them for their true value. Students who wouldn’t dare open up their own watches can have that opportunity to do so in our classrooms guided by professional watchmakers. It’s a great way to discover the magic that sits on our wrists.  

Photo from HSNY’s Traveling Education trip to Toronto

Photo from HSNY’s Traveling Education trip to Toronto

We would love to know a bit more about your instructors!

We have an amazing team of instructors spearheaded by Steve Eagle, HSNY’s Director of Education and I serve as HSNY’s Director of Traveling Education. Most of our instructors are New York-based professional watchmakers work for well-known brands, and we also have an instructor based in California who teaches many of our West Coast classes. You can expect a full classroom every Tuesday and Thursday evening in our New Your City offices, where two instructors work hand-in-hand with a group of six students which creates a unique and tailored experience.

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What should someone expect when attending?

Students can expect to be challenged at the workbench and leave having gained a deeper understanding (and hopefully appreciation) of horology. The four hours fly by in no time - such is the intensity of watchmaking!

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