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RedBar x Arnold and Son

RedBar x Arnold and Son


From presenting the smallest repeating watch to King George III to Napoléon Bonaparte gifting the Milan Observatory with an Arnold astronomical clock, Arnold and Son has long represented quality and kept their finger on the pulse of time. In the intimate pub setting of The Churchill, we got up close and personal with pieces from both the Instrument and Royal Arnold and Son collections.  


Not surprising anyone familiar with the history of Arnold and Son, the watches that stole the show were the Globetrotter and Tourbillon Chronometer No.36. John Arnold, creator of the company over 250 years ago, created the Arnold No. 36 which was the first timepiece to be called a chronometer. Tourbillon Chronometer No.36 is a tribute watch to this great achievement. Meanwhile, the Globetrotter stands out with a sizable rotating 3D Earth, as seen from directly above the North Pole, making it equally historically fitting given the sheer volume of historical journeys wherein Arnold and Son pieces have accompanied explorers.


Arnold and Son watches are known for their quality but it’s their stand out aesthetics that place the brand in a league of their own for many collectors. Take the HM Double Hemisphere Perpetual Moon for example. Not only does this striking piece have two of the largest moons on the market, the double hemispheres allow it both southern and northern views. The red gold case and markings contrast beautifully against the blue lacquered guilloche dial.


Other featured watches included DBG Skeleton, Time Pyramid, Nebula Lady, and more. The Churchill made for a uniquely welcoming setting, covered with throwback imagery and serving delightful British and local craft beers. This intimate setting for a hands on experience spoke volumes to the sophistication and style of Arnold and Son. As a company that throughout its history has enjoyed many voyages around the world (whether by land, sea, or wrist), this event was just further proof that Arnold and Son is the company you want if you are looking for a watch representing the journeys we all take in this world.

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