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Member Spotlight: Pedro Neto

Member Spotlight: Pedro Neto

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Pedro Neto

Chapter: Detroit 

Instagram: @RedBarDetroit


What was your introduction to horology?


I started in horology back when I was 13 years old or so, not even knowing what this thing was. My first piece was a Timex Ironman and first mechanical was a Swatch that I saved up for good 6 months!

What was your first watch?

First was a Timex Ironman, first mechanical was a Swatch! 

What fascinates you most about watches and/or horology in general?


The concept of time and how you don't have any control over it. Secondly, the engineering marvel that these little & beautiful [time pieces] are. Also watches are means of expression. A lot can be said just by the watch you wear. ; )

What are the kiss, kill, and marry of your collection?

Hmm tough question... I think I progressed quite a lot as far as watch-collecting goes. Maybe the “marry” of the collection is my LE Grand Seiko SBGJ227, which has a lot of meaning to me personally and for RedBar as well. The “kill” one might be the Daytona that I have always been a huge fan of. Although I might sell it in order to fund another piece, eventually I will add another one to the collection.

Name one watch that got away.

Rolex Yatch-Master with rhodium dial.

What watch do you wear most often?

Daytona, then PAM422, then Grand Seiko

What is the first thing you notice about a watch?

The dial! That face has got to be pretty! 

How were you introduced to RedBar Group?

Can't remember. But most likely through Instagram. Then we later co-founded our chapter with the blessings of the big boss!

How has RedBar affected you as a collector?

Yes, it has! I mean, where else can you go try pieces without the judgment of sellers inside a store? Being able to wear several different pieces, try them, and get a feedback from other fellow collectors and friends has been a HUGE benefit to my watch-collecting career.

Outside of collecting how has RedBar impacted your life?

I have made sooo many friends. In the beginning, RedBar is all about watches. But upon closer inspection, you discover that it is all about the people, and watches are just a means to an end!

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