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Member Spotlight: Ty A. Maciejewski

Member Spotlight: Ty A. Maciejewski

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Ty A. Maciejewski

Founder of RedBar Milwaukee

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  1. What was your introduction to horology?

When I was very young my mom worked at a Gimbels Department store in the jewelry department (holy shit I'm old!), I remember going in and looking at all the watches on display, I was obsessed with the digital watches.

     2. What was your first watch?

From the research I've done the I believe the reference number was a Seiko A639-5000 digital.  I remember drooling over the brushed finishing on the stainless and setting the alarm so I could hear it beep. I was 10, cut me some slack!

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        3. What fascinates you most about watches and/or horology in general?

Where do I start?? Back in 1994 I purchased my first "nice watch". It was a stainless black dial Movado Museum, and I was in love with the hands. Something about perfect hands that just grabs my attention. I think that's what I really love about Grand Seiko. The hands look like you could pop one off and shave with it.      

     4. What are the kiss, kill, and marry of your collection?

The kiss for me is Seiko. I've got 19 Seiko watches in my collection and I see no stopping anytime soon. The kill is way too many micro brands. The marry is my Oris Artelier small second given to me by wife the night before our wedding.


      5. Name one watch that got away.

Rolex Submariner. I remember first trying one on 20 years ago and it never left my mind. In the mid 90's I had a job where my boss was friends with a jewelry store owner and he offered me a flawless used Sub for $2000 and I passed.... I'm still crying.

      6. What watch do you wear most often?

Currently, Seiko SRPB09 Blue Lagoon Samurai.

2018-07-23 21-06-24 (C).jpg

     7. What is the first thing you notice about a watch?

Dial and hands.

     8. How were you introduced to RedBar Group?

Instagram... My first actual interaction was at CoutureTime in Vegas, I remember thinking "these are my people, we're all crazy!"


     9. How has RedBar affected you as a collector?

I'll let you know. It's only been 2 months, so far so good.

    10. Outside of collecting how has RedBar impacted your life?

Connections and new friendships with absolutely amazing people.

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